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Right after the ticket purchase you received an e-mail from where you can find the link for ticket activation.

If you can't find this e-mail please make sure that you have searched in the account that you used for ticket purchase. Please also check your spam. 

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You can also activate your ticket manually. Please click here and follow the instructions:
You can activate your ticket in the ticket overview by clicking "assign ticket to me".
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If you want to assign the ticket to someone else you can find here a detailed explanation here:

A detailed description of the ticket management is here:
You can see in your ticket overview if your ticket is already activated. Activated tickets are marked green.

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If your ticket is not activated you can easily activate it by assign it to you.
Yes, your ticket has to be activated for your own security. We prevent you from ticket abuse and black marked and offer a save and legal possibility to give your ticket to another person. 

Important: Without an activated ticket there will be trouble at the festival entrance.

A detailed explanation concerning ticket activation:

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